Lenswood Primary School has a long history of meeting the needs of individual students in a small school setting within a strong community.

We live by our values of excellence, creativity, independence, resilience and community. We strive to work with parents and carers to raise children who are flexible and adaptable, and who have a sound grounding in all curriculum areas. We do have high expectations of students, and I am happy to report that our academic results show that. We provide significant extra support in a range of ways to students who need it, and we have students who are set extension work to challenge them and stretch their knowledge and skills. Of course we focus intensely on English and maths, and we also have an emphasis on the arts. All older students are in our choir and we perform at the Festival of Music every year, we have a fantastic band and all students access visual arts and drama through our specialist teacher. On alternate years we have a whole-school production and an arts spectacular. All of that doesn't mean that we neglect the other subjects though, and students from Lenswood go to their secondary schooling well prepared for their ongoing learning there.

Student voice and student leadership are important aspects of the school too, and we actively encourage all students to participate in our whole-school Student Representative Council. Furthermore, we teach students the language of learning and teaching so that they can have a say in their own learning too, and to provide feedback on what would help them to learn better.

Being active outdoors has always been a central part of schooling here. We participate in a range of sports such as girls and boys AFL, cricket, athletics, cross country, swimming and aquatics. We have excursions and camps, and we make use of the local Lenswood Centennial Park for more informal 'bush school' kinds of activities.

Lenswood Primary School is a central part of the local community, and we are pleased that so many parents volunteer in so many ways to support the learning and the enjoyment of the students here.